Convert bitmaps to vector graphics at the touch of a button

How many times have you needed a vector graphic version of a logo or icon for a design you’ve been working on?

Image Vectorizer is here to make the process as fast and painless as possible!

Simply drag an image in to the app and click to convert. Image Vectorizer creates beautiful black-and-white vector images. You can then copy the vector graphic to the clipboard or export it in a variety of different formats to use with your favorite vector drawing app.

vectorizing a cartoon
creating iconic line art from a photograph
vectorizing a sign
vectorizing a drawing
vectorizing line art
vectorization of text with effects applied

Pen and paper, straight to vector?
No problem!

Image Vectorizer lets you import directly from your scanner and convert the results to vector. Great for hand-drawn graphics or even document scanning.

(Note: Image Vectorizer does not perform OCR on text.)

A whole host of features to
streamline the process

Image Vectorizer doesn’t limit you to straight conversions, it also lets you filter the bitmap image to create a variety of interesting effects and it lets you control the vectorization process too.

Image Vectorizer works best for black-and-white line art, such as pencil drawings, outlines, logos, and blueprints. Photos can be converted using one of the built-in halftoning effects. Color vectorization is not supported, but you can select custom foreground and background colors, or color the vectorized image in a vector drawing application.

✪ Vector file formats:

Image Vectorizer outputs in a variety of different formats for maximum usability.

  • EPS - works great with apps like
    Sketch, iDraw or Illustrator
  • PDF - ideal for scanned documents
  • SVG - perfect for web-based projects
  • DXF - for use with CAD packages

✪ Bitmap effects include:

  • flip
  • rotate
  • brightness
  • saturation
  • gamma
  • invert
  • sharpness
  • blur
  • median
  • outline
  • halftone: dots, lines or hatched
    (great for use on photos)

✪ Vectorization settings include:

  • corner threshold
  • curve optimization
  • suppress speckles
    (useful for tidying up images)
  • rotation
  • color controls
  • output size

Examples of Image Vectorizer in use:

Image to vector graphic conversion
Custom social icons
Vectorizing an icon


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